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Coding: Streeb, Dirk: J. J. van Wijk [2005]: The Value of Visualization doi:10.1109/VISUAL.2005.1532781 - 25.02.18 13:35

Publication J. J. van Wijk [2005]: The Value of Visualization doi:10.1109/VISUAL.2005.1532781
Coder Streeb, Dirk
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Visualizations are aesthetic (+) Positive One or more sentences sec. 6.2 «Some of the images we produce have a clear aesthetic value.»
Visualizations are augmented with knowledge (+-) Ambivalent One or more paragraphs sec. 4.4 «This simply means that the increase in knowledge using visualization not only depends on the data itself, but also on the specification (for instance, which hardware has been used, which algorithm has been used and which parameters), the perceptual skills of the observer, and the a priori knowledge of the observer. Hence, the statement that visualization shows that a certain phenomenon occurs is doubtful and subjective.»
Visualizations are open for interaction (+-) Ambivalent One or more subsections sec. 4.6 «Interaction is generally considered as ’good’. One could advocate the opposite: Interaction should be avoided, and well for two reasons. First of all, as mentioned before, allowing the user to modify S freely will lead to subjectiveness.»
Visualizations emphasize parts (+) Positive One or more sentences sec. 4.6 «Ideally, the user has to be provided with cues that will lead him quickly to images where something interesting can be seen.»
Visualizations show visual patterns (+) Positive Less than a sentence sec. 1 «…thanks to the unique capabilities of the human visual system, which enables us to detect interesting features and patterns in short time.»
Visualizations stimulate ideas and hypotheses (+) Positive One or more sentences sec. 4.4 «Another line of defense is that visualization should not be used to verify the final truth, but rather to inspire to new hypotheses, to be checked afterwards.»
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