Z: Why vis?

Node: Visualization helps gaining insight

Descriptor GainInsight
Argumentative standpoint Cognition

"…visualization is ""the use of computers or techniques for comprehending data or to extract knowledge from the results of simulations, computation, or measurements"" [McCormick et al. 87].'(Telea2008, p. 4)
'""insight"" to describe two types of information we get from a visualization application: 1. answers to concrete problems; 2. facts about a given problem that awe were not aware of.' (Telea2008, p. 4)
""Immediate visual feedback can help researchers gain insight into scientific processes and anomalies, and can help them discover computational errors. For example, one astrophysicist found an erroneous boundary condition in his code after examining an image of a jet stream with an obvious reflection not apparent in the numbers."" (McCormick1987)"

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